MX SQLite Shell

MX SQLite Shell is a remote sqlite client for your application trough any web browser. Just create a new object with Shell Server component in your scene and select the server port.

Different output modes
Route paths
Responsive design
Server logs

MX SQLite Data

Database provider that ease access and reduce
the code complexity with work of SQLite on
Unity platform.

Stores all data types Simple ORM included


  • Windows
  • OS X
  • Linux
  • iOS
  • Android

What our clients say

MX SQLite Data has a lot of potential to become the leading database management system for Unity platform.

Michael Williams
CEO and Project Manager

The most valuable features for me, in MX SQLite Data framework, are the complete NUnit tests and the code documentation.

Petar Chernev
Unity Developer

I've used Shell tool more than six months, and MX SQLite Shell dynamic database change, save me lot of time.

Hristo Dinev
Technical 3D artist